Season 7 Wrap Up

Good Morning RSC Fans!

The season is officially over and tonight marks the beginning of combines for Season 8 of RSC. Lets take a look back at how the season 7 wrapped up for all 8 tiers!

The Champions:

Premier Tier Champions are the Aces: bits, Seb, Jarrrrl & Se7eN
Elite Tier Champions are the Chimaeras: Shank, Prine, Tuna146 & WhiteBoy
Major Tier Champions are the Grizzly Bears: SpecialK, v15 ehf, Stumpi & 9ohm
Minor Tier Champions are the Ungols: Dynasty Icy, Noah, yote51ayer & 21average
Challenger Tier Champions are the Polar Bears: Shadowstorm, Pre, Scotti, Jonezy & FRIENDS FOREVER
Prospect Tier Champions are Drizzle: Booquiefious, TinyPotato, Blue Eyes Thunder Thighs, Goose & Feb
Contender Tier Champions are the Samurai: pH, N8BNSN, MONSTERBUCK46 & EarthArc2157
Amaetur Tier Champions are the Potatoes: spookmyoof, Swaney24, Divine_Razza & Ness

Congratulations to all our champions!

Also big congratulations go out to our GM and Franchise of the season Kip and Polar Vortex! Great season with a win percentage of 59.2% and a Challenger Tier Championship!

Thanks for playing everyone! If you are interested in becoming a part of our league come join our discord, sign ups are open!

See you all in Season 8!