Rocket Soccar Confederation (RSC) 3v3 League Launches Season 18 with Exciting Opening Games

By Canadian Things
September 11, 2023

The Rocket Soccar Confederation (RSC) 3v3 league is gearing up for Season 18’s kickoff tonight, promising an exhilarating season of Rocket League action. As 32 franchise teams prepare for the regular season, the anticipation among fans is palpable.

The RSC has become a beloved league in the esports world, seamlessly blending the excitement of Rocket League with the spirit of friendly competition. Season 18 is set to continue this tradition, offering fans more of the action they adore.

Preparations for this season have been in full swing, with players, teams, and organizers working tirelessly to ensure a memorable experience. The RSC has always been known for its sense of community and camaraderie, and Season 18 is no exception.

Tonight’s games mark the beginning of an exciting journey as the 32 franchise teams go head-to-head. These teams encompass a wide range of talents, showcasing the diverse and international nature of Rocket League’s appeal.

As the Rocket League action kicks off in Season 18 and virtual stadiums fill with enthusiastic fans, the Rocket Soccar Confederation embarks on another season filled with thrilling moments. So, get ready for a season that promises fun, camaraderie, and electrifying gameplay. The journey starts tonight, and it’s bound to be a fantastic experience for all involved