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Premier and Amateur Finals Preview 2020-3-18 by AHammeredHamster

Good Evening RSC Fans! Tonight represents the end of Season 7 for both our highest and lowest ranked tiers, Premier and Amateur respectively.

In the Amateur Tier, we have the Solar Champion Zerglings (35-21, Anthage) facing off against the Lunar Champion Potatoes (37-19, Derk) to find out who is the champion!

The Potatoes finished the season tied for the best overall record in the tier and showed out in the semifinal matchup against Odyssey (37-19, Juanma) where they won with a sweep. Swaney24 leads the team with 393.3 PPG and SvG_KingCanix is setting him up with .62 APG.

The Zerglings finished with a slim lead over the Otters (34-22, Adammast) within the regular season and they battled it out in the semifinals. Zerglings won the match-up in the full five games. They are led by Widdl who leads the entire tier in GPG and PPG with 1.49 & 409.0 respectively.

Who will come out on top?

In the Premier Tier, We have the Solar Champion Demon-O’s (42-14, Cearu) taking the field against the Lunar Champion Aces (33-23, Ryryboltwrap) to crown a champion!

The Aces were able to finish the regular season atop of the Lunar Conference and rode that momentum to a comfortable semifinal victory over the regular season runner ups, Metal (30-26, DareMe).  The Aces leading scorer is Bits with 54 goals on the season, but is followed up closely by Seb with 43 goals.

The Demon-O’s finished the season with the best record in the tier at 42-14. They met the Hurricanes (30-26, Shamu) in the semifinals but handled their business with a 3-1 series win. Gatman led the tier in scoring with 74 goals and the team in PPG with 462.5. His teammates Cearu and Southpaw are both in the top 15 of goals in the tier as well.

Will the Dynamic duo of Seb and Bits be able to stifle the strong attack of the Demon-O’s? Tune in to find out!

Tonight the first two champions of Season 7 get crowned, time to get hyped! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Uktzh8vAVI

Playoffs are Coming! 2020-3-9 by AHammeredHamster

Good Evening RSC Fans!

It is officially crunch time for most of the tiers in RSC. Playoffs are right around the corner and we have some teams that have clinched and quite a few other teams fighting on the edge of a playoff spot. Lets take a quick look tier by tier:

In Premier, Congratulations go out to the Demon-O’s and the Garbage Trucks who have both clinched a spot in the playoffs.

On the bubble we have the Hurricanes, Wheelchairs and The Avengers all fighting for that final Solar playoff spot. The Hurricanes currently hold the playoff spot, can they hold off the other teams?

In Elite, there are only three match nights left and not a single playoff spot has been clinched! Gelato and Illuminati lead their respective conferences, but need to finish strong to lock up the #1 seed.

The Frosted Wraiths and Missiles are currently tied for the final playoff spot in the Solar conference with the Dumpsters just on the outside looking in. The Kings hold the final playoff spot in the Lunar conference on a tiebreaker with Knights, but the Knights are charging! Will the Knights steal the spot?

In Major, We have the Cyclones who have clinched their spot in the playoffs, but with four match nights remaining there is still plenty to sort out.

The Grizzly Bears and Lumbers hold the final playoff spots in the Solar and Lunar Conferences respectively. They have a small lead, but a lot can change in a match night, stay tuned!

In Minor, The Pepes can clinch their playoff position with a sweep tonight! Will they be the first team to in the tier to secure their division?

Cinnamon Ghost Crunch is holding a slim lead in the Solar Playoff Hunt, but Dynamite and the Velociraptors are each just two games back. With four match nights remaining, who will be able to make a run?

In Challenger, The Polar Bears and Shock have both clinched their respective divisions and thus are locked into the playoffs. The Stingrays and Pythons are one game away from clinching, so lets see if they can reach the playoffs tonight!

The North divisions of both Solar and Lunar conference will end up deciding a lot of the final playoff positions in this tier. Currently 4 out of the 4 teams in Solar North Division are at least within three games of a playoff position and 4 out of 4 teams in the Lunar North Division are currently in the playoffs! With the final three match nights remaining being in division opponents, it is going to be thrilling to see how this all shakes out. Good luck to all involved!

In Prospect, Congratulations to both Gallimimus and Snow Owls for clinching the playoffs! Now the battle for the number one seed commences with the Zomberries and Wobbegongs trying to catch up!

In the Lunar Playoff Hunt, Wintergreen holds the final spot, but the Spartans and Gorgons are just two games back. Will one of these teams right the ship and secure that final playoff spot?

In Contender, The Snap-its have a commanding lead on the number one seed in the Solar Conference Playoffs, but there is a tight battle in the Lunar Conference for that number one seed. Currently the Pumpkins, Samurai and Stargazers all are within 2 games of each other. The Samurai have the best record over the last 5 match nights. Can they keep up the good form?

While the Snap-its have clinched a playoff spot, the final two spots in the Solar Conference are being highly contested! Alley Cats, Sea Turtles and Overcast all are vying for the spot and with only three match nights remaining, now is the time for a run!

In Amateur, We have only two match nights remaining and currently only the Zerglings and Odyssey have clinched their playoff spots! Congratulations go out to those two but the work is not done. There are still teams that can take the top seed away from each of them so keep pushing!

And finally in the Solar conference it could all come down to the final match night. The Rattlers and Cheese Fries will play each other of Wednesday night and currently the Cheese Fries are just two games back of the Rattlers who hold the final playoff spot. Should be a hell of a finish there!

So there you have it folks. The entire RSC playoff picture in one big post. If you want a more in depth view of the entire playoff picture check out our RSCC S7 Team Standings Google Doc: https://bit.ly/2VZb4Sw

See you all in the playoffs!

Mid Season Check In 2020-2-17 by AHammeredHamster

Hello RSC People!

We are right at the beginning of Week 4 in the season and the out of conference match-ups are in full swing or are arriving for most tiers! This is a chance for teams with a little less familiarity with each other to prove who is overall the best in each tier.

The Power Ranking Committee has been hard at work this season putting together these graphics for each tier. Make sure to hop into the discord server and find where your favorite team stacks up!

We have another full stream schedule this week. Tune into twitch.tv/rocketsoccarconfederation to check out the action!
Match Day 7
10:45pm ET: Amateur Match-up of Kittens vs. Odyssey
11:15pm ET: Amateur Match-up of Cheese Fries vs. Watts

Match Day 8
10:45pm ET: Minor Match-up of Chicken Parm vs. Anglers
11:15pm ET: Minor Match-up of Draconis vs. Panda Bears

We would also like to welcome back Adammast as an Admin of RSC, who will be taking the vacated spot for the rest of the season. Thank you to all who ran in the election to become an Admin!

The tiers are starting to become more clear, but it is never too late to make a run! Keep grinding players and we will see you all soon!

Week One Recap 2020-2-2 by AHammeredHamster

Hello RSC Fans!

The first week of Season 7 is in the books and we can see the competition ramping up already. The tiers are as close as ever and we can’t wait to see how the schedule shakes out for everyone going forward.

Despite there being over 192 teams in RSC, There are currently only four undefeated teams throughout all of the tiers. Congrats to the Cyclones (Shamu, Major), Polar Bears (Kip, Challenger), Gallimimus (RJsaurus, Prospect) and Snap-Its (Memlo, Contender) for making it through the first two match days unscathed. You all will have a target on your back now, good luck!

We have a full stream schedule this week, so get ready for some action.
Monday, 2/3
Challenger Tier Match up of Voyager vs Aurora at 10:45 pm
Contender Tier Match up of Arctic Foxes vs Overcast at 11:15 pm

Wednesday, 2/5
Minor Tier Match up of Blizzard vs. Dynamite at 10:45 pm
Minor Tier Match up of Dunes vs Draconis at 11:15 pm

The first regular season edition of the Power Rankings, is scheduled to be released today. Where did your team land?

And finally we would like to send a big shout out to Fikison, who will be stepping down from his Admin position effective immediately. He has been a huge part of the growth of RSC and will be missed. Thank you Fikimin!

The Regular Season Begins! 2020-1-27 by AHammeredHamster

Good Afternoon RSC Fans!

I know you are all excited for us to officially get underway tonight. The rosters have been set and the preseason finished. We are finally into the matches that  count! This is the first step for all the teams chasing those elusive championships, we wish you all luck!

We also have our first official streams of the regular season! Tune in to  https://www.twitch.tv/rocketsoccarconfederation at 10:45 ET to see the Contender match-up of Alley Cats vs. Samurai, followed quickly by the Minor match-up of Dynamite vs. Chicken Parm. Tr1ppn and Untamed are on the call, so swing by and show these teams some love!

Let the games begin!

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