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Season 15 Signups now Open! 2022-8-5 by tuxedomarx

With Season 14 of RSC coming to a close, Season 15 Signups are now open. Join our discord at http://discord.gg/rsc and fill out the signup form at https://forms.gle/KpDa687xFPUSDQwT6 in order to join us! Look forward to seeing you!

RSC Season 14 Champions! 2022-8-5 by tuxedomarx
Premier – Praetorians – ethone – Kenobs – reagfamous – beesefamous
– GM – Way2Luckee

Master – Helicoprions –  .Andy – Shanerbaner – Marcus. – Rzemble
 – GM – treko50
– GM –
– GM  –
Rival – Anubis – hoyci – Stealthman777 – Whispr – Tvveedle 🏆
– GM – Paco
ChallengerKraits  – GM –

Prospect – Cherried Crepes – Theman – Modoz – DonYvan – RickySpanish483
– GM – HisDudeness3
Contender – Cheese Pizza – CarlSaganBro – Alextross – Raisonbran – Kush_the_Ninja
– GM – tehblister
Amateur – Potatoes – DABZxST4TU5 – Salvation -| AnarcrisT – Spiperwolf 
– GM – Derk

Season 13 Week 1 Clips of the Week! 2022-2-3 by tuxedomarx

Come check out the Winners of our player-voted Clips of the Week competition. Save your clips and submit them for a chance to be featured each week!

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RSC S13 Match Day 2 Stream Preview 2022-1-26 by tuxedomarx

Join us tonight at Twitch.tv/rscsolar for two exciting streamed matches! Check below for schedule information as well as team and player stats for these matches!


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Season 13 is Upon Us! 2022-1-4 by tuxedomarx

We have yet another exciting season of RSC upon us, after a long off-season and some merry celebrations, RSC 3s league is ready to get going again. The GMs and AGMs have been hard at work trading draft picks and signing Free Agents, the Transactions team has truly had their work cut out for them. The rest of the League staff is hard at working getting everything prepped and ready to go so that we have the smoothest possible start! And, of course, all of our players, new and old, have been attending combines every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to show off their skills and advertise them to their potential new franchises.

With all of that being said, the culmination of all of our hard work thus far is coming up! This upcoming Monday, January 10, 2022 the Official Season 13 RSC 3s Draft will occur at 8pm EST over at https://www.twitch.tv/rscsolar . So if you’re a Draft Eligible player, you’re going to want to tune in to see where and by who you get picked to play with this season. Remember, everyone that is signed up gets drafted onto a team!

If you are new to RSC and missed the signup deadline, there will still be an opportunity for you to participate in the league in a limited capacity! Please, join our discord server at discord.gg/rsc and in a few weeks you will be able to sign up as a Permanent Free Agent, which allows you to temporarily sub on match nights for teams that need players.

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