RSC Season 14 Champions!

Premier – Praetorians – ethone – Kenobs – reagfamous – beesefamous
– GM – Way2Luckee

Master – Helicoprions –  .Andy – Shanerbaner – Marcus. – Rzemble
 – GM – treko50
– GM –
– GM  –
Rival – Anubis – hoyci – Stealthman777 – Whispr – Tvveedle 🏆
– GM – Paco
ChallengerKraits  – GM –

Prospect – Cherried Crepes – Theman – Modoz – DonYvan – RickySpanish483
– GM – HisDudeness3
Contender – Cheese Pizza – CarlSaganBro – Alextross – Raisonbran – Kush_the_Ninja
– GM – tehblister
Amateur – Potatoes – DABZxST4TU5 – Salvation -| AnarcrisT – Spiperwolf 
– GM – Derk

Season 13 is Upon Us!

We have yet another exciting season of RSC upon us, after a long off-season and some merry celebrations, RSC 3s league is ready to get going again. The GMs and AGMs have been hard at work trading draft picks and signing Free Agents, the Transactions team has truly had their work cut out for them. The rest of the League staff is hard at working getting everything prepped and ready to go so that we have the smoothest possible start! And, of course, all of our players, new and old, have been attending combines every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to show off their skills and advertise them to their potential new franchises.

With all of that being said, the culmination of all of our hard work thus far is coming up! This upcoming Monday, January 10, 2022 the Official Season 13 RSC 3s Draft will occur at 8pm EST over at . So if you’re a Draft Eligible player, you’re going to want to tune in to see where and by who you get picked to play with this season. Remember, everyone that is signed up gets drafted onto a team!

If you are new to RSC and missed the signup deadline, there will still be an opportunity for you to participate in the league in a limited capacity! Please, join our discord server at and in a few weeks you will be able to sign up as a Permanent Free Agent, which allows you to temporarily sub on match nights for teams that need players.

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Twitter:  @rsconfederation
IG: @rsconfederation
Tiktok: rsconfederation

Below is a handy Graphic that includes some important RSC dates as well, thank you WhovianCat for creating this wonderful graphic.
RSC Important Dates

? Season 11 Opening Day ?

Hey there RSC family!

Is your team ready to throw down? Today’s when the points start counting. Opening day is upon us. Get out there and put it all on the line tonight, but when you’re done, catch us over on Twitch for the first stream of the season.

tr1ppn and VisionaryOne (with musah running the decks on the 1s and 2s) will be going live about 10:40 on Twitch to ring in the season with a Challenger showdown, immediately followed by a Contender match.

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Let’s Get Hyped for Draft Day!

Hey there RSC family!

The draft order has been set (thanks to Bax and the almighty marbles), the pick trading is finalized. Tonight we get to watch a spreadsheet over on Twitch for a few hours to see who gets drafted to which team.

Draft Day - Monday May 3rd 8PM EST

As a reminder, we move very quick around here, so here’s the breakdown of what to expect these first couple weeks:

Monday, May 3 – Draft Day!
Get some new teammates and get grinding!

Wednesday, May 5 – Preseason Match Day 1
Most likely, everyone on the team will be playing in a few of these matches. GMs will already need to be making their first round of cuts based on only this data.

Sunday, May 9 – First round of cuts due.
Teams must be trimmed down to 5 players each

Monday, May 10 – Preseason Match Day 2

Tuesday, May 11 – Second round of cuts
Teams must be trimmed down to 4 players each

Wednesday, May 12 – Preseason Match Day 3
This is the final look at how the chemistry is vibing before the matches start to count.

Good luck in the draft, everyone! Strap in, it’s time to gooooo.

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A Wild Season 11 Appears

Hey there RSC family!

It’s time to dial up another exciting RSC Season. If you’re a returning player, you should already have received a DM regarding your continuation with the League. If you’re new or returning, join the Discord and sign up now, we’re excited to have you on board.

First combines begin Monday April 12. Signups will be closing April 16 and keep an eye on your DMs for the April 19 Inactivity DM. If you don’t respond, you will be inactivated from being Draft Eligible.

If you are in Discord and need to know the upcoming dates head over to #Bot-Input and enter the command ?dates

Next order of business, we have the Season X Champions who have already received their Champion’s Cups and will forever be enshrined over in the Hall Of Fame.

Season 10 Champions

Also being enshrined in the Hall of Fame are Treefrog and their franchise The Shadows who sent 6 of their 8 teams to playoffs, with their Elite team Nightmare bringing home a cup. They have been voted in as GM and Franchise of the Season. Congrats on a season well executed!

Admin elections have been tabulated and Juggernaut, Treefrog and Limon will be retaining their positions as admins for the upcoming season.

Let’s get hyped, squad. It’s go time on a fresh season.

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As Season X Wraps, The Hype For Season 11 Begins

Hey there RSC family!

As a first order of business, if you are a player this season, be sure to respond to the intent form that was DMed to you by RSC Redv3. This is an important early headcount as things start ramping up for Season 11.

As a second order of business, let’s get caught up on how the playoffs have been shaking out.

On 3/15, the Capybaras swept the Fireflies, then brought the heat and cemented their cups in a tight 4-3 win against Nightfall.
– The Jungle (nullidea)
– Amateur:
Blossom ?
Rvbb3rDvck??⭐ (C)
ZacRyu-Senpaii ?
Kyuremex08 ?

On 3/17, the Clappers and Sun were both coming off dominant paths to finals, but the Clappers claimed the hardest pedestal in the hardest division of the RSC.
– As Seen on TV! (Heca)
– Premier:
Melted ?
Distant. ?? (C)
DyP ?⭐
yung- ?

Immediately afterwards, the Okapis claimed every single game on a scorched earth path through everyone that stood in their way.
– The Jungle (nullidea)
– Prospect:
Boeso ?
jojomojo13 ??⭐ (C)
Grettle ?
woopr ?⭐

And tonight, we keep the train rolling, closing out two more tiers.

Up first on the agenda on stream tonight at 9:30, the Scout Bikes will be taking on The Darkness. Darkness walk in undefeated in playoffs, but the Scout Bikes have been picking up steam leading up to tonight.

Immediately afterwards at 10:15, Challenger will be ready to roll, with the winners of semifinals taking over the show.
Timber Wolves v Aurora
Panda Bears v Triceratops

Make sure you’re tuned in live for the show!

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Playoff Hype Tonight!

Hey RSC Family!

Can you believe we’re already here? I know I can’t. I should already have posted the first few playoffs brackets before today, but here we are.

Amateur Playoffs are going down tonight in their entirety, so make sure you catch the finals live on RSCSolar

If you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go warm up. It’s almost go time. Good luck tonight, fam.

Premier Playoff Bracket

Prospect Playoff Bracket

Amateur Playoff Bracket