Quick Reference

If you're new to RSC or feeling a bit confused, here's the place to be. If you haven't already, be sure to join us on Discord.


  • Stands for Rocket (as in Rocket League) Soccar (as in Rocket League's main game mode) Confederation (as in a soccer/football organization).
  • Be sure to be sportsmanlike, kind, and polite in all that you do in RSC. Respect everyone.
  • Behavior Rules: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/13VPgaIwituY7-d8krkiN10bfel7B0B6gr3OG1276AqU/edit?usp=sharing
  • Full Behavior Rules Breakdown: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1bxNYYArdZIrdi6WcKwHmF3Fn-kL6hp_nufZWF-cWo5M/edit?usp=sharing
  • Behavior rules, tl;dr version:
    • Don’t be a jerk.
    • Remember there are kids in the server. Strong language is fine, though don’t direct it at others; slurs, in any form, are not okay.
    • Don’t spam.
    • Stick to the right channels for the topic you want to discuss.
    • Speak English, please.
    • Use pings appropriately; never ping pointlessly. Don’t ping between midnight and noon ET unless it’s an individual who was online within the last few minutes.
    • If you are in an event, don’t leave the server; don’t leave during the season at all if you are a member of a league.
    • Don’t spoil media that has released within the last month.
  • We generally use Eastern Time as our standard timezone, abbreviated as ET. (That's either EST or EDT, whichever is currently in effect for regions that use daylight savings.)
  • For bot commands, go to #bot-input.

RSC Championship

  • Often shortened to RSCC (or sometimes RSC-C).
  • Our main league, and currently our primary focus.
  • 3v3, North America-focused (USE and USW servers are both used), with standard maps only.
  • Signup by August 15th at 10 PM ET: http://bit.ly/RSCC3Signups.
  • Don't leave the Discord while you are in the league. Contact staff if you somehow left by accident.
  • Make sure we know of all of your Rocket League accounts, through the original signup form or, if you get them later, the new account form.
  • Make sure your main Rocket League account name and Discord name match. If they don't, fix that, or ask for us to give you a nickname. If your name changes, tell us with the name change form.
  • There's a draft where General Managers (GMs) pick players for the season.
  • You'll be either on a team, or a free agent, once you go through the draft and the preseason. Everyone ends up drafted, but you might be cut from the team, as each team only has four spots.
    • See section 4.5 in the RSCC rulebook for more on free agents and transactions over the course of the season.
  • The leagues/tiers, from highest to lowest rank, are: Premier, Elite, Major, Minor, Challenger, Prospect, and Contender. This might change in the future as the league grows!
  • Make sure you know the times when you are playing!
    • Monday. Wednesday. Monday. Wednesday. Monday. Wednesday. Hopefully you notice a pattern there. It goes all season, except a few days we point out. See also (once it is updated) the calendar on the right.
    • Regular matches are at 10 PM ET, and usually are over in 45 minutes or less. No promises.
    • Teams usually meet to warm-up together and scrimmage against other teams at 9 PM ET. Some General Managers are stricter than others. Let 'em know if times don't work for you. Use #looking-for-scrim and follow the format used there.
    • Playoff nights at the end of the season may start slightly earlier, and will likely last longer - possibly as last as midnight ET.
    • Always tell your GM when you'll be showing up on match nights (or whoever your GM tells you to tell).
  • Use !match (in #bot-input) to get details of your match each night.
  • About matches:
    • A match is a series of 4 games. Not best-of-whatever, just 4 games. Every one counts towards your record. Even if you are down 0-3, winning that last game can help in the long run.
    • The "home" team (assigned at the start of the season per match) makes the server, following the info given in !match (always name the teams). Always make sure your whole team is in the server before you tell your opponent you are ready.
    • The "away" team joins the server, using the !match command's info. Don't join a team until your whole team is in the server.
    • The away team must starting joining their team in the game first anytime the server has been (re)made. If the home team starts joining first, everyone should back out and do it again.
    • Never join the server of a game in progress, except between games. This can lead to lag and forfeits. See the full rules (section 4.6) for details.
    • Have a problem? Contact a member of staff immediately.
    • Always save replays and screenshots of the final scoreboard. These must be submitted at the end of each series, before noon ET the next day. You'll lose out on stats if you forget to do this, and any issues that arise may be difficult to solve. Also, be sure to report your game wins/losses in #score-reporting.
  • The Season
    • Preseason: from the draft until roster lock. Two exhibition matches to try out team setups.
    • Regular season: from the first until the final match day. Some leagues/tiers have a longer regular season than others. Season 2 had them last between 14 and 17 match days.
    • Postseason: the playoffs. A single-elimination tournament for each league, with the top teams competing for the title of champion. Different starts and lengths for each league based on the number of teams in the league.

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