Premier and Amateur Finals Preview

Good Evening RSC Fans! Tonight represents the end of Season 7 for both our highest and lowest ranked tiers, Premier and Amateur respectively.

In the Amateur Tier, we have the Solar Champion Zerglings (35-21, Anthage) facing off against the Lunar Champion Potatoes (37-19, Derk) to find out who is the champion!

The Potatoes finished the season tied for the best overall record in the tier and showed out in the semifinal matchup against Odyssey (37-19, Juanma) where they won with a sweep. Swaney24 leads the team with 393.3 PPG and SvG_KingCanix is setting him up with .62 APG.

The Zerglings finished with a slim lead over the Otters (34-22, Adammast) within the regular season and they battled it out in the semifinals. Zerglings won the match-up in the full five games. They are led by Widdl who leads the entire tier in GPG and PPG with 1.49 & 409.0 respectively.

Who will come out on top?

In the Premier Tier, We have the Solar Champion Demon-O’s (42-14, Cearu) taking the field against the Lunar Champion Aces (33-23, Ryryboltwrap) to crown a champion!

The Aces were able to finish the regular season atop of the Lunar Conference and rode that momentum to a comfortable semifinal victory over the regular season runner ups, Metal (30-26, DareMe).  The Aces leading scorer is Bits with 54 goals on the season, but is followed up closely by Seb with 43 goals.

The Demon-O’s finished the season with the best record in the tier at 42-14. They met the Hurricanes (30-26, Shamu) in the semifinals but handled their business with a 3-1 series win. Gatman led the tier in scoring with 74 goals and the team in PPG with 462.5. His teammates Cearu and Southpaw are both in the top 15 of goals in the tier as well.

Will the Dynamic duo of Seb and Bits be able to stifle the strong attack of the Demon-O’s? Tune in to find out!

Tonight the first two champions of Season 7 get crowned, time to get hyped!