Admin and GM Transition

Good Afternoon RSC People!

This evening we will be hosting our second night of combines for Season 8! Come check it out starting at 9pm ET!

With that being said, lets put the final bow on Season 7 with our GM and Admin Transitions.

kip is stepping down, and will be replaced by Rummage
is stepping down, and will be replaced by Infinite
Blackhawk is stepping down, and will be replaced by tr1ppn
Klikind is stepping down, and will be replaced by Way2Luckee
Melted is stepping down, and will be replaced by pythagorjags
Accidental Wolverine
is stepping down, and will be replaced by Flez

Thank you to all of the outgoing GM’s who have put in the work to make this league what it is. We appreciate all that you do! Also welcome and congratulations to all our new GM’s!

Also this off-season represented the end of Admin terms for both Adammast and Feen.

The league nominated five candidates to refill these two spots:
Liquid Cight

After a close election, Feen and itonydelatorre both were selected for the Admin position for the next two seasons. Good luck to you both and thank you to all the candidates for running!

Season 7 Wrap Up

Good Morning RSC Fans!

The season is officially over and tonight marks the beginning of combines for Season 8 of RSC. Lets take a look back at how the season 7 wrapped up for all 8 tiers!

The Champions:

Premier Tier Champions are the Aces: bits, Seb, Jarrrrl & Se7eN
Elite Tier Champions are the Chimaeras: Shank, Prine, Tuna146 & WhiteBoy
Major Tier Champions are the Grizzly Bears: SpecialK, v15 ehf, Stumpi & 9ohm
Minor Tier Champions are the Ungols: Dynasty Icy, Noah, yote51ayer & 21average
Challenger Tier Champions are the Polar Bears: Shadowstorm, Pre, Scotti, Jonezy & FRIENDS FOREVER
Prospect Tier Champions are Drizzle: Booquiefious, TinyPotato, Blue Eyes Thunder Thighs, Goose & Feb
Contender Tier Champions are the Samurai: pH, N8BNSN, MONSTERBUCK46 & EarthArc2157
Amaetur Tier Champions are the Potatoes: spookmyoof, Swaney24, Divine_Razza & Ness

Congratulations to all our champions!

Also big congratulations go out to our GM and Franchise of the season Kip and Polar Vortex! Great season with a win percentage of 59.2% and a Challenger Tier Championship!

Thanks for playing everyone! If you are interested in becoming a part of our league come join our discord, sign ups are open!

See you all in Season 8!