As Season X Wraps, The Hype For Season 11 Begins

Hey there RSC family!

As a first order of business, if you are a player this season, be sure to respond to the intent form that was DMed to you by RSC Redv3. This is an important early headcount as things start ramping up for Season 11.

As a second order of business, let’s get caught up on how the playoffs have been shaking out.

On 3/15, the Capybaras swept the Fireflies, then brought the heat and cemented their cups in a tight 4-3 win against Nightfall.
– The Jungle (nullidea)
– Amateur:
Blossom ?
Rvbb3rDvck??⭐ (C)
ZacRyu-Senpaii ?
Kyuremex08 ?

On 3/17, the Clappers and Sun were both coming off dominant paths to finals, but the Clappers claimed the hardest pedestal in the hardest division of the RSC.
– As Seen on TV! (Heca)
– Premier:
Melted ?
Distant. ?? (C)
DyP ?⭐
yung- ?

Immediately afterwards, the Okapis claimed every single game on a scorched earth path through everyone that stood in their way.
– The Jungle (nullidea)
– Prospect:
Boeso ?
jojomojo13 ??⭐ (C)
Grettle ?
woopr ?⭐

And tonight, we keep the train rolling, closing out two more tiers.

Up first on the agenda on stream tonight at 9:30, the Scout Bikes will be taking on The Darkness. Darkness walk in undefeated in playoffs, but the Scout Bikes have been picking up steam leading up to tonight.

Immediately afterwards at 10:15, Challenger will be ready to roll, with the winners of semifinals taking over the show.
Timber Wolves v Aurora
Panda Bears v Triceratops

Make sure you’re tuned in live for the show!

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