RSC Championship Season 2 Playoffs and Season 3 Signup News

RSC Championship Season 2

We will have Minor League Semi-Finals tonight with the Dingoes v Hellions and the Demigods v Scrubbing Bubbles. The Dingoes v Hellions will be streamed tonight at 10pm ET. The winners of the semi-finals matches will then move to the finals which will be streamed at an estimated 10:45pm ET. You can watch the streamed matches on twitch.

Monday, August 6st, will be the Major League Semi-finals and Finals.

RSC Championship Season 3

Our Reddit post is now live, so prepare your “Welcome!” messages and maybe invite some newcomers into some games. You can read our post here: Reddit Post

Additionally, we have Season 3’s important dates ready for you!

End of Signups – August 15th

Combines – August 13th, 15th, 20th, 22nd, and 27th

Player Information Released To GMs – August 22nd

Player Renewal/S2 FA Signing Deadline – August 26th

All FA Signing Deadline – August 28th

Draft – August 29th

Preseason Matches – September 3rd and 5th

Cut Days – September 4th and 7th

Last Day of Preseason/Roster Lock – September 9th

First Match Day – September 10th

Day Off – October 31st (Halloween)

All-Star Day – October 8th

Start of Playoffs – approx. November 5th (shortest league)

End of Regular Season – approx. November 12th (longest league)

End of Playoffs – November 19th