RSC Championship Wednesday News

All-Star Day, June 27th, will be a Chaos Mutator 4 Round Swiss tournament with all tiers playing with each other in mixed teams, balanced as close as we can. The All-Star mutators will be based on a vote after the Thursday Mutator Community night. We will be using the 4 most popular mutator settings selected, one for each round. Maps will be voted on and decided during the stream, so be sure to watch!

We will be having a Mutator Community Night tomorrow starting at 9pm ET and running to 11pm ET officially. We will be trying out different modes and asking for suggestions in the new All-Star Mutator Suggestions channel to determine what mutator combinations will be options on the upcoming All-Star mutator vote.

We will have more information on the All-Star selection tomorrow.

Tonight we will be streaming an RSCC Major Match between the Flailers and Dragons at 10:20pm ET. Come on by to watch it live on twitch

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This Sunday, come join our weekly doubles tournament! Find out more by watching the #tournaments channel (always check the pins), and be sure to give yourself the Tournament Interest role in #set-role if you’d like reminders of the tournaments. Expect details tomorrow for this weekend’s event.

Going forward, we’re going to try and consolidate most of our non-urgent but important news to Wednesday night announcements. Once or twice a month, this’ll be directed at the entire server; the other weeks, it’ll be just the usual Wednesday night pings for the league players. Hopefully, this will be a good compromise between minimal annoyance and ensuring that everyone who might be interested is aware of important events such as community nights and tournaments.