Preseason Match Day 3 Hype!

What a whirlwind of a preseason. There have been too many people on two teams to all fit in the same lobby. Captains aren’t set yet, so we’re firing DMs semi-blindly to the opposing team to set up arrangements for games. Many cuts and team shifts have been made to try to secure the strongest team under salary cap going into Opening Day.

Today is the final dress rehearsal. Teams are down to 4 players. Tonight we test to see if the teams have what it takes to go the distance or if we need to be keeping an eye on all those FAs that were trimmed without having a chance to shine (Pro tip: About half of the teams will have sub-.500 records, so there should be lots of teams searching for overlooked gold).

Good luck. Get that game face on and let’s see what everyone’s made of.