Goodbye 2020, Hello 2021!

Hey there, RSC family!

Tonight we bid farewell to 2020 and usher in a fresh year on the grind. There is nothing official going down tonight, but I’m sure there should be at least a few folks having adult beverages and queueing 6-mans.

Things are about to start moving quickly for Season X, so get ready for things to get bumping here soon. Be sure to catch the draft lottery this Sunday 1/3 on the RSC Twitch Channel to find out where your favorite franchise is going to land on the draft board. This will be the last week of combines, so make sure you get yourself noticed 1/4 and 1/6. If you’re on a team and waiting to find out if you’re getting cut loose for the draft, the last day for GMs to finalize cuts and re-signs is 1/8 with the draft going hot and heavy Monday 1/11.

Mask up and stay safe out there, fam. Drinking and driving is a no-no all the time, but the po-po go extra hard on New Year’s Eve. We need you alive and free if you’re making a play for a Championship Cup in Season X.

Good luck and don’t be afraid to triple commit. Sometimes you just gotta make sure.

Last December Combine Week Hype!

Hey there RSC family!

Season X is approaching rapidly. Don’t forget that we still have combines tonight and Friday (12/16 & 12/18) at 9PM EST. Get out there and get yourself noticed so all the scouts have something to think about over the holiday break.

If you haven’t put in much time into combines, don’t get down on yourself too hard, but you’re running out of time. We’ll be picking back up again for 2 days in January (1/4 & 1/6), but don’t wait. Secure your spot in the hearts and minds of the scouts ASAP.