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Rocket Soccar Confederation (RSC) 3v3 League Launches Season 18 with Exciting Opening Games 2023-9-11

By Canadian Things
September 11, 2023

The Rocket Soccar Confederation (RSC) 3v3 league is gearing up for Season 18’s kickoff tonight, promising an exhilarating season of Rocket League action. As 32 franchise teams prepare for the regular season, the anticipation among fans is palpable.

The RSC has become a beloved league in the esports world, seamlessly blending the excitement of Rocket League with the spirit of friendly competition. Season 18 is set to continue this tradition, offering fans more of the action they adore.

Preparations for this season have been in full swing, with players, teams, and organizers working tirelessly to ensure a memorable experience. The RSC has always been known for its sense of community and camaraderie, and Season 18 is no exception.

Tonight’s games mark the beginning of an exciting journey as the 32 franchise teams go head-to-head. These teams encompass a wide range of talents, showcasing the diverse and international nature of Rocket League’s appeal.

As the Rocket League action kicks off in Season 18 and virtual stadiums fill with enthusiastic fans, the Rocket Soccar Confederation embarks on another season filled with thrilling moments. So, get ready for a season that promises fun, camaraderie, and electrifying gameplay. The journey starts tonight, and it’s bound to be a fantastic experience for all involved

RSC 2s League – Signup to be a Season 6 Permanent Free Agent! 2023-8-18

Missed the new player sign ups? Want to get more involved with Rocket League in the most fun way possible? Sign up to play in Season 6 of RSC 2s as a Permanent Free Agent!

A Permanent Free Agent (a.k.a. “PermFA”) is a player who is not contracted to any team, who has either signed up for the season after the draft, or chose to be so after the draft.

Requirements for participation:

  • Be in the RSC 2s Discord (
  • Be 13 Years or older
  • Complete a minimum of 50 Ranked 2v2 games in either Season 10 or Season 11 of Rocket League.
  • Respond to the Inactivity Checks throughout the season.

The sign up form is located here: Permanent Free Agent Sign Up Form

RSC 2s runs two seasons each calendar year. If you cannot play this season, our next season’s signups will start early next year. Please keep an eye out for that if you’d like to participate.

If you have questions and want to find out more about RSC, join our Discord.

ADeadM0053 Makes History as the First Four-Time RSC Champion 2023-7-30

In a stunning display of skill and dedication, Rocket Soccar Confederation (RSC) player “ADeadM0053” has etched his name into the annals of esports history by becoming the first player to achieve a remarkable feat – winning the RSC championship an unprecedented four times. Out of approximately 6703 players who have competed in the league’s history, he stands alone as the sole individual to reach this extraordinary milestone.

ADeadM0053 ties up Game 6 of the Elite tier Grand Finals with 2:28 left on the clock.
ADeadM0053 ties up Game 6 of the Elite tier Grand Finals with 2:28 left on the clock.

The RSC championship has always been a fiercely contested event, drawing in elite players from all corners of the gaming world. However, ADeadM0053’s dominance has been nothing short of exceptional. His relentless pursuit of excellence, both on and off the virtual pitch, has paved the way for this historic achievement.

When asked about his thoughts on becoming the only four-time RSC champion, ADeadM0053 expressed genuine disbelief and excitement. “It’s kinda crazy to be honest, especially going back to back. Heck of a run,” he stated. Reflecting on the intense matches, he admitted, “I also can’t believe my back for some of those series.” His humility and acknowledgment of the challenges he faced during his journey have endeared him to fans and fellow players alike.

The achievement becomes even more remarkable when considering the sheer number of players who have competed in the RSC league over the years. “Thats bonkers,” ADeadM0053 replied when informed that he is one out of 6703 all-time players to accomplish this milestone. “I also don’t think I’m anything that special in how I play either, so to find a way to run it through that many times, it’s almost weird,” he added modestly.

As ADeadM0053’s legacy continues to grow, it serves as a reminder that with dedication, passion, and an unwavering commitment to excellence, the gaming world can produce true legends. Congratulations to ADeadM0053 on his historic accomplishment, and here’s to the hope that his achievements will inspire the next generation of great players in the Rocket Soccar Confederation.

Written by Canadian
RSC 2s League – Season 6 Draft 2023-7-23

Excitement is building as we approach the kickoff of Season 6 in the Rocket Soccar Confederation 2s League! The much-anticipated draft is set to take place tonight at 9 PM ET, marking a crucial event that will shape the destiny of eight competitive franchises. With 300+ players signed up and all scouting efforts now complete, this season promises to be the most exhilarating yet. As the league gears up for action, make sure you’re fully prepared to witness jaw-dropping plays, stunning goals, and intense rivalries that will keep you on the edge of your seat!

The Draft and Teams:
The draft is the pinnacle of anticipation for both players and fans alike. Now that signups and combines have concluded, eight franchises will meticulously select their players across all 8 skill tiers. With fierce competition expected, the stakes couldn’t be higher for these teams as they aim to assemble their winning rosters. Are you curious to see the potential game-changers? Check out the final rolling tier list [here] to discover who might dominate the pitch this season!

Unmissable Action – Live Stream:
To ensure you don’t miss a single moment, tune in to the live draft stream on [RSC Solar’s Twitch channel] and witness the birth of future legends. These drafted players will put their heart and soul into the game to earn their spot and make their team proud. Join us as we embark on this action-packed journey to crown the champions – it’s going to be an epic season! 🏆

RSC 3s League – Season 18 Signups Are Open! 2023-7-14

Looking for an exhilarating Rocket League experience that’s brimming with fun and competition? Look no further! Sign up now for Season 18 of the RSC 3s League and prepare for an action-packed adventure on the field!

Requirements for participation:

  • Be an active member of the RSC Discord community. Don’t miss out on the camaraderie and updates: Join us here! (
  • Age matters! All players must be 13 years or older to participate.
  • Fill out the quick and easy Signup Form before the deadline on 08/11. Secure your spot today!
  • You will also need to have 50 Ranked Standard 3s games played on your highest MMR account in either Season 10 or Season 11 of Rocket League by August 18th to qualify.
  • Respond to the Inactivity Check on 08/14 to ensure you are still active and wanting to play in Season 18.

Ready to roll? Click [Here] to Sign up for Season 18

Not able to participate in Season 18? No worries! We’ve got you covered. RSC runs three exciting seasons each calendar year, and if you can’t make it this time, keep an eye out for our next season’s signups starting in November. Don’t miss the chance to be part of the action-packed fun!

Curious to know more about RSC? Join our lively Discord community to have your questions answered and get the inside scoop on what’s in store for Season 18.

Let’s make Season 18 the best one yet! Join RSC now, and let the games begin! 🏆