Match Day 2. Get your game on then check out these spicy matches

This is how the first week goes down. Is your team crushing it or do y’all got some work left in the lab? Trick question, we all have work left to do in the lab.

Are you rostered and want your team to play on stream? The schedule can be found here. Make sure your captain picks a good match and applies for it in #RSC-Official-Stream-Signups on the RSC server. Signups open the week before the scheduled stream at Noon EST. If the main stream is filled, please continue applying. Our stream team still wants to stream your matches, but we need people on the schedule to activate the Lunar Stream, so start bugging your team to get things rolling.

If you’re a Free Agent and you haven’t already, make sure you get in on the FA Discord Server. They’re holding matches and reporting stats all season on Match Days so that the GMs and decision makers have up to date information on everyone’s skills.

That said, let’s take a peek at the matchups on the Solar Stream that will be commentated by baX and strutt (with musah holding things down on stream production). First up at 10:50 PM EST, we have some of the heavy hitters up in Master flexing those skills in this matchup between The Hamburgers and Hot Dogs (I’m dubbing this the Cookout Showmatch)

10:50 - Master The Hamburgers (Master): NSC | Shadowvail (GM) NSC | theblobofglob22 (C) NSC | Buck NSC | J_Krue NSC | josan vs Hot Dogs (Master): PuP | Astro (GM) PuP | AJ (C) PuP | wkyle PuP | alittle PuP | MrAnderson

We’ll be following this up with a showdown in Contender between the Dart Frogs and Samurai at 11:30 PM EST

11:30 - Contender Dart Frogs (Contender): JNG | nullidea :trophy: (GM) JNG | SirZohan1002:trophy: (C) JNG | PeachTreeDish JNG | Alextross JNG | Scrappy vs Samurai (Contender): SOV | Luckee (GM) SOV | AvoidedEmu (C) SOV | ShiftDrink SOV | BDSM Jones SOV | touchetupac2

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Opening Day Festivities!

Happy Opening Day, RSC family!

This Monday Jan 25, 2021 is Match Day 1! This is the day that the points count and playoff positioning is on the line!

tr1ppn and visionaryone (with musah running the decks on the 1s and 2s) will be going live about 10:45 on Twitch to ring in the season with a double Major showdown.

In the 10:50 slot, we’ll be watching the Gladiators vs Water

This match will be followed in the 11:30 slot by Lynx vs Tyrannosaurus

Lynx (DraxxS, Major): kev (C), #8, iSuperiorAlpha, RevRampage   Tyrannosaurus (General Mills, Major): RIPpluto ? (C), Frickin Alex, GOOGLE GIRTH, Gote

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