Mid Season Check In

Hello RSC People!

We are right at the beginning of Week 4 in the season and the out of conference match-ups are in full swing or are arriving for most tiers! This is a chance for teams with a little less familiarity with each other to prove who is overall the best in each tier.

The Power Ranking Committee has been hard at work this season putting together these graphics for each tier. Make sure to hop into the discord server and find where your favorite team stacks up!

We have another full stream schedule this week. Tune into twitch.tv/rocketsoccarconfederation to check out the action!
Match Day 7
10:45pm ET: Amateur Match-up of Kittens vs. Odyssey
11:15pm ET: Amateur Match-up of Cheese Fries vs. Watts

Match Day 8
10:45pm ET: Minor Match-up of Chicken Parm vs. Anglers
11:15pm ET: Minor Match-up of Draconis vs. Panda Bears

We would also like to welcome back Adammast as an Admin of RSC, who will be taking the vacated spot for the rest of the season. Thank you to all who ran in the election to become an Admin!

The tiers are starting to become more clear, but it is never too late to make a run! Keep grinding players and we will see you all soon!